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In February 2010, I started making jewelry & pet tags as a hobby in a back bedroom affectionally named "the hobbit room" due to its barely 7-foot ceilings. After running out of family & friends to gift to, I decided to see if I would have any success on Etsy. What started as an outlet for creativity away from my job as a Business Development Manager, the shop quickly required hammering well past my bedtime to keep up with open orders.

An opportunity with my husband's work spurred a cross-country move from Chicago to New Hampshire. This allowed me to reduce my time doing very corporate things and focus on exploring our new surroundings and work full-time on my passion - this shop. I've never worked harder or loved my job as much as I do now.

With our pups, 3 horses and a few dozen chickens running under foot, we've realized our 'country living' dream -- working at home and renovating our 1800s farmhouse, complete with a 3-story dairy barn and stonewalls crossing the property. But mind you, life isn't all a magazine spread -- the (very hard!) work of breathing new life into an old property on top of maintaining a bustling home business is sometimes a challenge, but one I've worked hard for and wouldn't change. 


Inspired by the beauty and history of time-worn places, especially in this age when so much focus is placed on buying new, I strive to add a bit of rustic simplicity into each handmade piece. Completely crafted from solid hand-cut metal, each stamped design is made from start to finish in my home workshop here on the farm.


My focus continues to remain on creating unique pieces worth sharing and always treating customers like the friends and neighbors they are. Over 12 years in full-time business and 50,000+ sales later, The Copper Poppy has wholesale accounts across the globe and works with several boutique sites right here in the USA.  


Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you back often! 



The Copper Poppy has been featured in: 

✰ Martha Stewart Living
✰ Kentucky Bride Magazine
✰ Sweet Paul Magazine

✰ Free People Retail Stores

✰ FIDO Friendly Magazine


And is a proud supporter of: 


✰ The Manchester NH Animal Hospital
✰ The Jacksonville FL Humane Society
✰ New Hampshire ASPCA - Stratham
✰ The Stubby Dog Project 
✰ Bully Breed Rescue
✰ Helping Hounds


*Wholesale Inquiries Accepted! * 

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