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What a gorgeous trio to display your favorite people! This rustic, weathered keychain is such a unique piece to honor friends or family members ... or to simply enjoy yourself.

We layer beautiful 3/4'' bronze, 1'' brushed nickel, and 1.25'' bronze and custom stamp names around the edge in your font choice (fancy lowercase, shown, or small uppercase).

The piece is finished with hammered edges, a hand-rubbed patina, and a slightly domed shape, and has a nice weight and size to it. It comes attached to a smaller and larger keychain - ready to use!

Get creative! This piece would be a lovely gift to a mother with her children's names, a grandmother with her grandchildren's names .... or to honor dads, grandpas, cousins, and beyond -- the possibilities are endless!

The discs hang loose, unsoldered, but aren't incredibly 'jingly', as they are domed to cup each other and minimize noise.

A Rustic Family - in Layered Bronze & Nickel

  • All of the pieces in our shop are hand-stamped, so the text and designs will not be perfectly straight or exact to the pictures you see. With all my pieces, imperfections are part of the character...each piece will be unique. Orders ship 4-6 business days after payment.
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