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The beach. Your tiny hometown. A favorite restaurant. Under the Eiffel Tower. 
Where's your place?
Such a perfect keychain to mark your own special place, perhaps the location of a first date, wedding, birth, or new home. This will surely be a treasured keepsake for years to come. This piece is stamped by hand on a beautiful 16-gauge 1'' x 1.5'' inch brushed aluminum keychain -- the perfect blend of sturdiness, while still being light enough not to weigh down your keychain. Aluminum is a great, inexpensive alternative to sterling, as it never tarnishes or needs polishing.
Coordinates are stamped on the lower edge, aligned right.

At This Place - Latitude and Longitude

  • All of the pieces in our shop are hand-stamped, so the text and designs will not be perfectly straight or exact to the pictures you see. With all my pieces, imperfections are part of the character...each piece will be unique.
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