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A wedding date... the address of a first home... date of a new business... or birthday of a new baby -- this is truly a totally customizable heirloom!

Measuring 1/4'' thick by 1 1/2'' long, there is plenty of room to get creative on this solid aluminum ID bar. Thick and durable, but still lightweight, aluminum is such a great metal for keychains (can also be used as a pendant!)

The possibilities are endless: initials, dates, words, or anything your heart can imagine can fill up four sides of this lovely little piece! We like the look of vertical initials in our huge uppercase font (max 4 characters), but longer words, names, etc work best in a smaller, horizontal font. Your personalized Keychain Bar will arrive on a sturdy split ring.

Custom Initial Keychain in Aluminum

  • All of the pieces in our shop are hand-stamped, so the text and designs will not be perfectly straight or exact to the pictures you see. With all my pieces, imperfections are part of the character...each piece will be unique. Orders ship 4-6 business days after payment.
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