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A scaled down, 1'' version of our super-popular XL Big Boned tag - sized just right for your small to medium pet!

This 1'' 16-gauge Aluminum Disc is hand-stamped with your pet's name in our large 1/4 inch uppercase typeface (4 or 5 spaces work best, but we can use a smaller font for longer names). There's plenty of room on the edge for 2 numbers, or 1 number and an abbreviated address (example info partially blurred for privacy).This tag is finished with a lovely brushed texture and slight concave dome.

Aluminum is the perfect metal for pet tags -- it has the lustre of silver, without the hassle of tarnish and is super lightweight and durable, which your pet will love.

Custom Pet ID Tag, Jack, in 1'' Brushed Aluminum

  • All of the pieces in our shop are hand-stamped, so the text and designs will not be perfectly straight or exact to the pictures you see. With all my pieces, imperfections are part of the character...each piece will be unique. Orders ship 4-6 business days after payment.
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