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Meet the newest accessory for your adventure pup!

We start with a medium sized 1.25" disc and hand stamp your pet's name in the center in our block font -- Up to 25 spaces fit best on the back.

Copper is a wonderful choice for pet tags -- it has such a unique patina that just gets better with time. We've oxidized it and rubbed it to a lovely weathered finish you can enjoy today. This tag will come with a sturdy double ring attached, ready to attach and play!


Prefer a different metal? Choose from Aluminum, Brass or Bronze (Shown in Bowski's example!)

Juno Forest Tag

Metal Choice
  • All of the pieces in our shop are hand-stamped, so the text and designs will not be perfectly straight or exact to the pictures you see. With all my pieces, imperfections are part of the character...each piece will be unique. Orders ship 4-6 business days after payment.
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