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Introducing our premium hand stamped pet tags, adorned with glimmering preciosa crystals!


  • The ultimate sparkler, this tag is perfect for that special occasion. Handmade in 1.25" brushed brass, this piece is stamped with your pet's name on front surrounded in a halo of gorgeous 4 & 2.5mm preciosa crystals in an array of gorgeous color palettes. 


  • If you'd like, 1 phone number fits on the back, centered. Sorry -- no additional numbers or addresses, as they can't be stamped opposite the crystal settings.


  • Tag is finished with a clear topcoat to help crystal durability. Please read the "About Crystal Tags" Information for further details! 


Brass is such a great metal for pet tags -- it doesn't tarnish and is lightweight, but strong. This tag will come with a sturdy double ring attached. Necklace shown in listing photos is not included.

Rose + Lilac Sparkle - 1.25" Crystal Gem tag in Brass

  • This dog tag is adorned with rhinestones set into metal with jewelry bonding cement. While the tag is durable (we've tested them on our crazy pups), these are recommended as special occasion / dress tags, *especially* if your pet is tough on tags. For gem durability, these are not recommended to hang with other metal tags that repeatedly contact them. They are not recommended for rugged wear, water play, tag-chewing puppies, or crazy days at the dog park. 

    As with all our pieces, these tags are stamped by hand, so the text and designs will not be perfectly straight or exact to the pictures you see. Crystal choice and number/text placement is affected by the length of the name and font choice.  

    With all my pieces, imperfections are part of the character...each piece will be unique!

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